Lynbrook Schools count up to 100 days

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One hundred days of learning have been the start of an exciting year in the Lynbrook School District. On Feb. 9, students sported the garb of 100-year-olds to celebrate the milestone.

Always a big occasion at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, students throughout the building arrived in shirts covered in 100 items or numbers. Family members joined the fun in a variety of activities centered around 100, such as counting up to 100 with 10 different types of pasta or getting creative to see what objects can be formed using the digits in 100. At the elementary schools, students aged themselves up to be centenarians with grey-haired wigs, hair curlers and walking canes as they looked back on all the things they have learned so far this year. #OwlProud

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Date Added: 2/15/2024