Lynbrook North Middle reviews safe social media practices

“Words have power” reminded Lynbrook North Middle students about the importance of welcoming social media practices.  thumbnail255479
Principal Marianne Healy and teacher James O’Hara visited classrooms to address biased language and the power of words.  thumbnail255480
In preparation of a relaxing winter recess on Feb. 16, students at North Middle School in the Lynbrook School District reviewed a key phrase that helps maintain a mindful social media habit: Words have power.

Principal Marianne Healy, social studies teacher James O’Hara and support staff visited classrooms to encourage safe and all-welcoming social media practices. Students were reminded that biased words, even when unintended, can cause hurt, pain and harm to young people and can also lead to more consequential impacts like acts of bias, discrimination or bullying. Classrooms explored what biased language looks like, its impact and how to address it when faced with or witnessing it.


Date Added: 2/23/2024