A world of cultures comes to Waverly Park Elementary

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The diversity of the Waverly Park Elementary School community in the Lynbrook Public School District was displayed with pride as students’ family members visited to share tastes of their cultural backgrounds. 

Quickly becoming an annual tradition, Waverly Park’s Culture Fair featured 15 diverse cultures on May 17. Prior to the event, students whose families signed up to volunteer at the fair made morning announcements introducing their country’s holidays, traditions, and foods.  As the Waverly students listened, they recorded this information in passport booklets to be used be used at the Culture Fair. With passports in hand, students travelled the world to 15 different countries including Afghanistan, Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Guyana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. 

Throughout their travels, students collected country flag stamps and learned how to say “hello” in the countries’ respective languages. Family volunteers came dressed representing their country and provided students with experiences and goodies such as bracelet making, stickers, key chains, and wearable jewelry from different cultures. The event provided students an opportunity to take a deeper, meaningful look into the cultures of their classmate's heritage. 

Photo caption: 
1) Waverly Park students found creative ways to collect their passport stickers while exploring various cultures at the Culture Fair on May 17.
2) A mix of Guyanese, Indian and Trinidadian cultures were represented at the fair. 
3) Countries spanning the globe were on display, such as Colombia. 
4) At each booth, students recorded facts about the respective country. 
5) Families in attendance displayed a range of cultural items. 


Date Added: 5/24/2024