South Middle School Students Uncover Benefits of Local Public Library

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Through a new program with the Lynbrook Public Library, students at Lynbrook South Middle School recently learned about the abundance of resources available to them through a week-long visit with Lynbrook Public Library Assistant Director Kathy Buchsbaum.

South Middle School’s Library Media Specialist Jennifer Wasielesky worked with Buchsbaum to educate students on the variety of research tools that classes can utilize with their tablets. In addition, the school partnered with the Lynbrook Public Library to bring library cards to all students who wished to have one. 

The visit, which was held in the school’s Library Media Center, allowed sixth-grade English students in Susan DeSena and Al Marrazzo classes to learn how to access and use the library’s e-Book platform, as well as databases such as Encyclopedia Britannica and CultureGrams. 
Seventh and eighth-grade students were also introduced to the Lynbrook Public Library’s resources with their Social Studies teachers Anne-Marie Brandstetter, Carl Cangelosi and Laura McCarthy. In addition to Encyclopedia Britannica and CultureGrams, the classes learned how to use online databases such as Daily Life through History and Pop Culture Universe. They also learned how to use their tablets to access e-Books though OverDrive. 

Another beneficial tool that all students were introduced to was Live Homework Help, an online tutor service. Certified teachers are available seven days a week from 2-10p.m. to help students through their homework needs. Each student learned how to access the service through Buchsbaum’s visit. 

“Using the Lynbrook Public Library’s online resources, is not only useful to students, but a great way to conserve money during a time that has been fiscally challenging,” said Wasielesky.