High School Entrepreneurs Take On Business Summit

High School Entrepreneurs Take On Business Summit Photo thumbnail95558
Twelve Lynbrook High School students in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s virtual enterprise class recently participated in the Youth Business Summit 2018 in New York City, showcasing their company “Fuel It.” The competition featured more than 4,300 students from more than 150 schools, 18 different states and 10 different countries. More than 220 virtual enterprise companies competed. 

Students included juniors Jesse Candel, Benjamin Cohen and Connor Reichert and seniors Frank Cimato, Matt Ferrante, Justin Guevara, Asif Islam, Kyle Kropas, Spencer Sundeberg, Samuel Tucker, Gabby Vogt and Nolan Weinberg. The students presented their sales pitch and sold products during the trade show. 

“From a marketing perspective, this competition was where our ideas to entice customers to our company’s booth can to fruition,” said Vogt. “Our company had everyone talking because we used Mario Kart on Wii to showcase the automobile side of our company. Also, we had a popcorn machine and a brand new banner which helped contribute to our $300,000 sales total. This value has nearly doubled from our last trade show in early January.”

Although the students did not place in the event, the opportunity was beneficial for the group as they received recognition from other schools and facilitators in attendance. 

“The competition was a great experience that opened my eyes to the world of business networking,” said Candel. “From trying to make sales to firms from schools as close to Lynbrook as Hewlett, to making sales to firms from California, Bermuda and Texas, I learned how to persuasive and make deals in the business world.”