Readers at South Middle School Make A Cultural Connection

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Lynbrook South Middle School students involved in Global Read Aloud, a reading group that allows students to read a common book out loud together, recently had the unique opportunity to speak with students from another part of the world. Facilitated by Library Media Specialist Jennifer Wasielesky, Global Read Aloud meets in three different sections, one for each grade level. 

The first book that the students read together was “Refugee,” by Alan Gratz. “Refugee” focuses on three children’s lives from three different time periods and parts of the world. By the end of the book, their worlds collide. The book is a work of historical fiction, however many of the characters are based on real people.  

After the groups finished the book, Wasielesky coordinated a Skype session (video conference) between the Global Read Aloud students at South and students of a similar age in Greece. The purpose was to learn about a different part of the world, including their culture, traditions and more about the students’ lives. Global Read Aloud students learned that students in Greece live similarly and share common interests.

Global Read Aloud encourages students to think and talk about the world around them, developing a compassion for it.