A Celebration of Cultures

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Lynbrook kindergarten students, teachers, families and board members gathered in the gymnasium at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center for the school’s annual multicultural festival on March 28. 

Students opened the event by carrying in flags from different countries as their classes took their seats. In honor of the special day, all students were encouraged to dress in outfits representing their family heritage and tables were set up with artifacts that students brought in, highlighting their country of origin. Principal Ellen Postman and English as a New Language teacher Madelyn Torres hosted the event which included cultural performances from students and family members.

Families shared songs and dances from their own cultures, including instrumentals from Puerto Rico, a traditional dance from Venezuela, a traditional Korean song and a Greek dance. Guided by Mrs. Torres, kindergartners showcased their dancing skills with dance partners and members of the Lynbrook High School Japanese Club performed a traditional Japanese puppet show for students. Allison Curran, elementary curriculum specialist, also joined in the celebration as her daughter, Molly, showcased her Irish step dancing and invited a group of kindergartners to learn the steps. 

To close out the event, the kindergarten students performed “It’s A Small World” together, symbolizing the school’s unity.