Seniors Ready to Take on the Future

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Approximately 25 Lynbrook High School seniors enrolled in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s senior seminar class recently showcased their projects in front of families, community members, teachers, school administration and the board of education during Senior Seminar Night. Students shared what they had learned during their valuable internship experiences in the community. Students interned with teachers, camps, physical therapists, coaches, nurses, doctors, law firms, veterinarians, restaurants, real estate firms and many more during the school year.

The class affords students the opportunity to incorporate and apply the learning from their high school coursework into a meaningful and relevant on-the-job internship experience. The students intern for a minimum of 50 hours of unpaid service. Participation in the class has the potential to foster knowledge and understanding in students as they enter the workforce, college and society. 

“The Senior Seminar program at LHS has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in the working world,” said senior Casey Kaplan. “The lessons I obtained while interning will stay with me forever. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and I hope future LHS students will take advantage of this opportunity.” 

Five of the seniors presented a PowerPoint about their projects during the event. The following students were Angelina Medina (Glassman Law Group), Dylan Herlihy (Peak Performance), Sarah Forster (Crawford Animal Hospital), William Miata (Lynbrook Middle School Volunteer Coach for Track) and Jesse Candel (Creative Housing). 

“This experience will provide a foundation in basic skills and offer an opportunity for expansive learning that includes vocational and career expertise that is essential for all 21st century learners,” said Dr. Tieniber. “Senior seminar is an opportunity for Lynbrook High School to work together with the community, thereby, utilizing the necessary resources to assist students in their educational pursuits.” 

Dr. Tieniber would like to congratulate the following students on a job well done: John DiBenedetto, Allison Shfflett, Deidre Murphy, Jack Skoblow, Sharaz Mohammed, Miranda Zaransky, Angelina Medina, Emily Moelis, Jesse Candel, Daniel Martinez, Sarah Forster, Benjamin Cohen, Casey Kaplan, Salvatore Cimato, Dylan Herlihy, Samantha Farber, Justin Weinberger, Jimmy Murray, Kylie Buccellato, Lee McCoy, Connor Reichert, Willam Miata, John Donaldson, and Jessica Graepel. 

Below, the students share their memorable experiences while enrolled in the class: 

“Senior seminar was an amazing experience. The opportunity to help the youth in Lynbrook was great. It taught me valuable lessons that I can bring into college and my future career in business.” – Sal Cimato

“Senior Seminar helped me experience things I would not have been able learn inside the classroom. There is nothing else like it and choosing to participate has been the most valuable decision I have made throughout High School in terms of preparing me for College.” – Billy Miata

“Senior Seminar helped me learn the soft skills necessary to help me transition into college. Everyone should take senior seminar.” – Jesse Candel

“The Senior Seminar program provided me with an opportunity to intern at Mercy Medical Center. I have always wanted to become a nurse, and this experience has helped me create a network of connections that I would not have had without Dr. Tieniber and the senior seminar program. – Kylie Buccellato

"Senior Seminar was an incredible, eye-opening experience. I learned about myself, as well as the career I am about to pursue." -Angelina Medina

“The senior seminar has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge on what I want to do later in life. Without this experience, I wouldn’t have the opportunities and knowledge that I have today.” – Sarah Forster

“Senior seminar afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge within my desired field of interest and truly understand the career in the real world. I would highly recommend this to other students and hope to see others take advantage of all it has to offer.” – Emily Moelis

“Senior Seminar opened my eyes to the possibility of a new career option. After this experience I have felt like I went down the right path” – Jessica Graepel