Lynbrook High School’s VE Students Continues to Shine

Checkmate Team Photo thumbnail167804
Congratulations to Lynbrook High School’s Virtual Enterprise Company, Checkmate, for being designated as the second top trader in the United State during International Trade Month. Checkmate also ranked as the top two worldwide trader and made more than 125 sales to companies outside of the U.S., leading the country in international sales.
Lynbrook High School’s virtual enterprise course is an elective offered to those in grades 10-12. The international program enables students to accrue business experience through real life simulations. Those who complete the course are eligible to receive up to nine credits from Farmingdale State College.

Led by teacher Dr. Benedict Tieniber, this year’s Lynbrook VE students have been quite successful. They have participated in competitions against other schools with their company Checkmate, a financial help app that can track subscriptions, personal finances and stocks to help manage customer’s savings. Lynbrook has moved up the ranks from a top 200 performer nationwide for the first quarter of the year, to a top 150 performer from across 430 schools.
Due to the students hard work and success with their company, they were asked by the Virtual Enterprise program to come up with “tips for international trading.” This included tips on how to be personable and professional, how to network, how to work outside of class and more. Well done to the Checkmate team!