Honk and Hooray for Lynbrook’s Class of 2020

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As a special way to honor the soon-to-be graduates, Lynbrook High School building administrators, staff and central administrators illuminated the place where the Class of 2020 has called home for the past four years. Seniors and their families were encouraged to drive by the high school on Union Avenue on May 1 at 20:20 military time, a nod to the year, to see Lynbrook High School shining bright in their honor. Between the line of cars, excited honking and loud cheers, the administrators and staff celebrated each senior as they passed the high school while holding signs and pom poms.
Athletic Director Thomas Graham and Lynbrook High School Principal Joseph Rainis coordinated the momentous evening with the local fire and police departments who assisted with traffic control.
“It was so nice to see the members of the Class of 2020,” said Mr. Rainis. “They are a wonderful group – insightful, mature, leaders. I want to thank Mr. Graham, who really got things moving on this and I also want to thank Chief Nick Pearsall and Chief Mike Brooks of the Lynbrook Fire Department, as well as Chief Brian Paladino of the Lynbrook Police Department, for supporting the students and families of the class. It really was a nice moment. I hope that the students felt the support and love that Lynbrook High School and the community has for them because I sure did.”