Lynbrook HS Celebrates the Class of 2021

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It was a night of celebration and reflection for the Lynbrook High School Class of 2021 as they reached the culmination of four years of hard work at graduation on June 25.

Held at Marion Street School, visitors packed the bleachers as the excited seniors marched their way onto the field, serenaded by “Pomp and Circumstance,” which was performed by the concert band under the direction of Brian White. Once settled, students were treated to the annual salutatorian and valedictorian addresses, which were presented by salutatorian Kathryn Postiglione and valedictorian Ashley Roth.

Kathryn reflected on the successes and challenges that the Class of 2021 experienced, and she said she’s proud of all that they’ve accomplished, especially during the most difficult of circumstances.

“Our sense of unity and appreciation for one another is what makes the LHS Class of 2021’s bond so special,” she said. “We are all aware of the strengths each of us brings to the community, and together, we have brought out the best of each other.”

Ashley said that it truly seems like just yesterday that the Class of 2021 was sitting together at the Kindergarten Center for graduation. It’s 12 years since then, and she said, “my years in the Lynbrook Schools since then have been unforgettable.”

“I cannot be more grateful to have shared this time with each and every one of you,” she added. “These past 12 years have really exceeded my expectations. Through fishing trips and field days, class night and beyond, we have all become the best of friends. With incredible teachers to look up to and learn from, the Lynbrook community has helped us to grow and thrive as a body.”

Principal Joe Rainis presented the Class of 2021 to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak, but not before going over the various accolades the class has accomplished.

“For all of us, the year has been a challenge,” he said. “However, what your children demonstrated again and again over the course of this year in terms of humility, perspective, resilience, flexibility and gratitude for what they have has been an inspiration….I have no doubt that their future, and therefore ours, is brighter because of the young people graduating today.”

Dr. Burak made a baseball analogy when talking directly to the Class of 2021, using legendary Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax as an example to follow.

“Life did not follow a straight path for him either…he had his share of personal struggles as well,” Dr. Burak said. “In life, there are going to be many pitches thrown at you as well. Some of them are going to hit you like a Koufax fastball. You will feel it in your gut. Others are going to take curves that you will need to adjust to, alter your stance and use your knowledge and common sense to make the best choices. Don’t be afraid of those pitches. Those are great opportunities for you to grow.”

The seniors then walked up to the podium one-by-one as they received their diplomas from members of the board of education. Upon completion, the Class of 2021 was congratulated and they tossed their caps into the air in celebration of a job well done.

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