Lynbrook Welcomes CSE/CPSE Administrator

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The Lynbrook Public Schools is pleased to announce that Patricia Schwetz was appointed as the Committee on Special Education/Committee on Preschool special education administrator. She entered the role during the 2020-21 school year on a part-time basis and officially took on the full-time position on July 1.

As the district’s CSE/CPSE administrator, Ms. Schwetz holds many responsibilities. She supports Lynbrook’s Department of Special Services by supervising the CSE/CPSE process and helps identify supports to ensure equitable access to academic, social and emotional instruction for students with special needs. In addition, Ms. Schwetz oversees state assessments for students who are alternately assessed and serves as a valuable mentor for staff in the areas of behavior management, communication and second language acquisition.

With her strong background in administration and special education, Ms. Schwetz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the district. Her leadership abilities are evident through her decade-long career at Nassau BOCES where she served as program coordinator/school improvement specialist/New York State literacy work group member, supervisor for special education, the assistant director for curriculum and instruction and most recently, the executive director of special education. Prior to her administrative roles, Ms. Schwetz was a teacher who supported students in the areas of bilingual speech and hearing.

She attended Brooklyn College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology, audiology, speech and hearing science, with a minor in secondary education. Here, she also received her master’s degree in speech language pathology and her advanced certificate in educational leadership. In addition, Ms. Schwetz holds a bilingual advanced certificate in speech language pathology from Marymount Manhattan College, has studied behavior analysis through the University of North Texas and is in the process of earning her doctoral in educational leadership from Capella University.

The Lynbrook Public Schools is thrilled to have her as part of the administrative team!