Lynbrook Voyager Program Engages in Forensic Science Studies

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Fourth graders from West End and Marion Street elementary schools in the Voyager Program at the Lynbrook Public School District have been actively engaging in lessons for their forensic science unit, including comparing the properties of different substances.

The Voyagers’ newest challenge included a forensic toxicology lesson in which they gathered information concerning the physical and chemical properties of multiple powders. As forensic toxicologists, students helped to solve a mystery surrounding chili that was served in a school cafeteria. Students were able to perform a series of chemical tests to determine whether acetyl salicylic acid was substituted for one of the chili ingredients.

Additionally, Voyagers helped to identify an unknown trace powder that possibly caused an allergic reaction in a patient. Using their microscopy techniques, students compared samples of known materials and substances to evidence found at the scene of the incident. Students were able to conclude what the mystery powder was, which helped to explain the patient’s condition.

“It’s so exciting to see students engaged in the subject matter, solving problems, making claims and supporting their ideas with evidence,” Lynbrook’s Voyager instructor Corinne Teichman said.

Date Added: 3/30/2022