Lynbrook High School Key Club members share Halloween safety tips

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Members of the Lynbrook High School Key Club in the Lynbrook Public School District recently spoke with Kindergarten Center students on Halloween safety to prepare them for the holiday.

While donning their Halloween costumes, 15 Key Club members shared tips on staying safe on this holiday with Kindergarten Center students who were also dressed in costumes. They educated them about crucial safety rules to follow while trick-or-treating, including to always stay with a parent, look both ways when crossing the street and visit familiar houses.

The Kindergarten Center students were enthusiastic about the safety rules the high schoolers were teaching them. They were encouraged to ask questions and participate in the lesson by commenting on ways they stay safe during Halloween.
“I hope kids had a fun reminder on how to be safe for Halloween,” Lynbrook High School senior Jessica Fowler said. “I loved the experience!”

“The kids were so happy when we walked in with our costumes,” senior Mia Hristodoulou said. “Reading them a story and just being there made them so excited – it was such a heartwarming experience!”

“It was fun to talk to the kids and help them learn the safety rules,” senior Clyde Solide said. “They already knew some of them, and it was great to see that they know how to have fun and be safe at the same time.”

Date Added: 11/8/2022