Sunny days bring gardening fun to Lynbrook Kindergarten Center

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The garden outside of the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center received colorful additions on May 28 as students enjoyed a sunny day of planting fresh flowers.

Each class took turns getting their hands in the soil to dig and make space for new flowers to line the garden. Each kindergartner carefully placed a flower of their own, learning how to break up the soil and roots to help it grow efficiently. As they enter the Kindergarten Center, students will see their flower bloom and glow, creating an important lesson of patience and responsibility.

Photo caption:
1) Lynbrook Kindergarten Center students helped further beautify the outdoor garden on May 28 by added fresh flowers.
2) Kindergartners used hand trowels to dig up the soil.
3) Peers had a great time learning new gardening skills.

Photos courtesy Lynbrook Public Schools

Date Added: 5/30/2024