English and art classes join forces for senior projects

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“Painting is poetry, that is seen rather than felt,

and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous quote served as an inspiration for a perfect cross-curricular collaboration between the English and art departments. Art and poetry, two timeless forms of expression, have always been closely linked. For centuries, poets have found inspiration in various art forms, capturing their essence in words and bringing them to life on the page.

This month, the Bern Seiderman Art Gallery is proud to present a special cross curriculum exhibit featuring original poetry and artwork from the English 12R and AP Art classes. The culmination of this project, which came to fruition as a way to revise the long standing LHS Senior project was able to hit the ground running after we received the Annual Spector Grant last year.

The work on display is just a small sample of the work that was produced. On the left side of the gallery, the AP Art students’ pieces serve as inspiration for the original poems below which were written by the English 12R students. On the right side of the gallery, original poetry written by the English 12R students serve as inspiration for the artwork below created by the AP art students. Some of the themes that were explored in both the poetry and the artwork include: Losing a loved one; The healing powers of Nature; Happiness; and Urban Whispers. #OwlProud

Date Added: 6/6/2024