West End Students Take On Reading Challenge

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Reading specialists Pamela Capone, Deb Aronson, Laura D'Achille, and Jen Glatzer at West End Elementary School have recently designed a new Reading Challenge called Let’s Get Moving.  

The Challenge encourages all students to read nightly and fill in their Reading Challenge logs. At the end of each month, the class in each grade level with the highest number of participants will win an extra period of Physical Education with Principal Cindy Lee. 

The second part of the Reading Challenge will take place every ten weeks. There will be four special assemblies where the grade level with the highest number of participants will be recognized. 

Last year participating grade level winners wrapped Ms. Lee as a mummy, encouraged her to trot around as a turkey, dyed her hair mermaid blue, and covered her with slime. This year the challenges for Ms. Lee are still to be decided. Who knows what our winning Champions will do to challenge Ms. Lee?

Good luck Champions!