From Mentee to Mentor

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Sal Cimato from the Lynbrook High School Class of 2019 explored his passion for coaching during his Senior Seminar course this year. The Senior Seminar program allows high school seniors to participate in an internship during the school year. 

With a love for baseball and as a former baseball player himself, Sal became a volunteer coach for the Lynbrook middle school baseball team. Dr. Benedict Tieniber, Senior Seminar teacher and coach of the middle school team, served as his mentor. Sal was at the very first practice/tryout, attended every game, and coached the whole season with Dr. Tieniber by his side. He exceeded his required 50 hours for Senior Seminar, completing more than 100 hours. 

“The kids loved him,” said Dr. Tieniber. “As he was learning from me as a mentee, he transitioned into a mentor/role model for the eighth graders. They looked up to him, listened to what he had to say and learned from him.” 

At the end of May, Sal presented his Senior Seminar project during Senior Seminar Night which highlighted his coaching experience. To his surprise, players from the eighth grade baseball team showed up to the event to show their support. 

“Coaching Lynbrook eighth grade baseball was a unique experience,” said Sal. “I was able to be a mentor to those on the team while I was the mentee to Dr. Tieniber. It was amazing to be able to help them grow as an athlete while learning valuable lessons that I can take into college and beyond.”