District Reveals New Classroom for Voyager Program

District Reveals New Classroom for Voyager Program  thumbnail135659
District Reveals New Classroom for Voyager Program  thumbnail135660
District Reveals New Classroom for Voyager Program  thumbnail135661
The district proudly unveiled its new Voyager room at West End Elementary School on Sept. 17. Central and building administrators, board members, directors, parents and Assemblywoman Judy Griffin were present for the special ribbon cutting event. 

The district’s Voyager Program is open to fourth and fifth grade students from Marion Street, Waverly Park and West End elementary schools who qualify and seek more challenges in the classroom. Students participate in a variety of project-based activities in the program to foster collaboration, communication and analysis, and research presentation skills.

Unlike in previous years where the Voyager instructor would visit each building to facilitate the program, the new room will serve as a centralized instructional space designated for Voyager students. Marion Street and Waverly Park students in the program will be picked up from their home schools on their scheduled days and be transported to West End to attend the program. School buses will then transport the students back to their home schools for dismissal. 

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to provide a classroom for students to enjoy learning and to enrich themselves,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak. “None of this could have been done without the diligent work of our maintenance crew.” 

Having one designated Voyager location will allow more time for teachers to push into classrooms and implement the district’s new enrichment for all program, exposing all students to higher levels of thinking. 

Assemblywoman Griffin presented the district with a certificate to recognize Lynbrook’s commitment to enhancing student learning. Voyager teacher Corinne Teichman walked guests through the new space and shared how the students will benefit from it. The classroom features a green screen wall, a library, a sink for science projects, dry erase wall and accessible storage for robots and other learning tools. It will also have different flexible seating options for students. 

“This is an exciting place for our students to learn, problem-solve and to be creative,” said Ms. Teichman. “I must thank everyone who was involved in making this room happen. It’s a gorgeous space for all and our students are going to appreciate it for years and years to come.”