West End Students and Staff Continue to Connect

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Administrators and staff members across the district are embracing remote learning and are finding new ways to connect with students. Below are some examples of how staff members at West End Elementary School are building their relationships with students while schools are closed. 


Mrs. Gaddy sent mail in the form of a PowerPoint to one of her students for their exceptional participation in reading. The PowerPoint featured two slides that looked like a postcard. Mrs. Gaddy praised her student by writing on the ‘postcard’ and by including an audio clip of her voice for a personal touch.

Ms. D’Amato has used PowerPoint to teach different writing strategies (with audio recording) such as how to write an introduction and body paragraph. Aside from PowerPoint, Ms. D’Amato has also created audio clips of her reading different articles for students to follow and has continued to provide helpful feedback on student writing.

Ms. Terzi helped her students who were struggling on educational platforms such as Math Kahoot by taking a screenshot of incorrect answers and creating a PowerPoint just for them to offer guidance on how to solve the problems.

Ms. Jaret has found PowerPoint useful to help not only students but their parents on the material. She has created PowerPoints for students to review different math problems that might be challenging. To further help her students, Ms. Jaret has also included audio in some of her PowerPoints so that she can read the problems aloud. 

This video sharing platform helps students interact with their peers and their teachers. 

Mrs. Mahouski created Flipgrid videos of her reading. Here is a Flipgrid of her reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault:

Principal Dr. Cindy Lee created a Flipgrid video for the entire student body to check in on how they are doing with their social and emotional health. If they reached out, Dr. Lee responded with a personal video. 

Ms. Bonacasa used Flipgrid to introduce poetry to her students. She posted a video of herself reading a poem and then posed some verbal questions for them to answer in their own Flipgrid videos. Ms. Bonacasa then replied with feedback either through another Flipgrid recording or through an email. To watch her Flipgrid, click here: 

Ms. Mattera has been recording videos of herself reading books on Flipgrid and sharing inspirational messages. In addition, she has reached out by phone to check in on her students.

West End students are staying connected to their physical education teachers through YouTube videos. Here are a few that Mr. Brosokas and Mrs. Mrs. Marquardt have shared: 

Mr. Brosokas:

Mrs. Marquardt: