District Provides Update on Reopening Preparations

Board of Education June 30th Meeting Recap thumbnail173015

The Lynbrook Board of Education gathered virtually on June 30 for a work session meeting. During the meeting, which was streamed live for the community, Board President William Belmont spoke about the hard work that the central administrators, staff and parents have been doing to prepare for possible reopening outcomes. The district must wait for guidance from Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make any final decisions on what September will look like.

Dr. Burak followed Mr. Belmont’s opening statements by discussing the planning committee’s work. She explained that they are in the infancy stages with some of the subcommittees meeting already and others expected to meet soon to discuss details about September. The transportation committee recently sent out a transportation survey and similar work, including other surveys, are expected to be released to the community. As the committee work moves forward, more information with be forthcoming.

In addition, Dr. Burak clarified a misinterpretation of statements featured in an article in the Horizon, Lynbrook High School’s student-run newspaper. The article noted that schools may not reopen if a vaccine is not finalized and distributed to students. Dr. Burak explained that when the interview was conducted, the existence of a vaccination was a crucial point in discussions of society returning back to normalcy but that it is not a factor in whether or not schools will reopen.

“I want to be clear that having a vaccine or not has absolutely nothing to do with our reopening of the schools,” said Dr. Burak.

She explained that the district is awaiting guidance from Gov. Cuomo which is expected around July 14. The district will then review the planning committee’s work in connection with the guidance from New York State to finalize a solid reopening plan.

“We want our students to be back in school in a safe environment,” said Dr. Burak. “That’s what is important to us.”

Mr. Belmont also discussed the district’s field space. As of July 6, the track and the fields will be open for the community to access. There will be no field permits being issued but the community will have access to the outdoor spaces. He reinforced the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks while around others. If there is a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, things could change, and the fields could close again.

The community is encouraged to watch the district’s virtual board of education meetings for continuous updates about the committee’s work and reopening plans.