North Middle students learn a story of survival through ‘Remember Liss’

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Students at North Middle School in the Lynbrook Public School District learned of the extraordinary journey of survival of an enslaved Black woman in 18th century New York, recounted by an author who studied her life.

Claire Bellerjeau, co-author of “Remember Liss: The Remarkable True Story of One Woman’s Enslavement and Freedom in New York,” visited North Middle on Dec. 5 to speak with seventh graders. Mrs. Bellerjeau investigated documents and notes – often shared in secret – to connect the dots in the life of Liss. The journey took Liss from Long Island to Connecticut and Manhattan, involving encounters with slavers and spies who aimed to help slaves. Students were introduced to Liss as a woman with autonomy and conviction who sought personal liberty as the country fought for its own during the Revolutionary War. Seventh graders will read “Remember Liss” and continue to learn about her story through lessons in multiple subjects, including English and social studies.

Date Added: 12/6/2023